Friday, March 30, 2018

Okay, It's Not Spring Yet, But...!!!

I realize it's still effing cold out there and not quite what we're all desperately hoping for weatherwise take heart!

Pink wine is here and now, to cheer you on your chilly way!

Especially, 2016 Rose Cuvee d'Andree from Chateau des Charmes, one of my go-to wineries for taste and value.

Dedicated to the vivacious matriarch of C des C, the lovely Madame Andrée Bosc, wife, Mom and winery goddess. It’s a vibrant beautifully ripe cran-strawb-cherry sipper, sporting a hint of cedar, red berries and white pepper, great with food or alone, made totally from Pinot Noir grapes. Food friendly and versatile. $15.95.

Paul Bosc cut his teeth growing red wines in Burgundy, nuanced, silky, refined, noted for their wild strawberry, violet and truffle aromas. Feathery tannins provide structure and ageability. 

This new Chateau des Charmes offering, the 2016 Pinot Noir Estate Grown & Bottled at $16.95 checks all the right boxes. 

It’s a logical pleasure progression from the 100% Pinot Noir-based Rose. 

Enjoy with Easter rabbit, wild mushroom risotto, duck breast with foie gras, or braised lamb.