Monday, October 9, 2017

It Takes A Village....

Brand ambassador Dani Facciani
It takes a village to raise a wine and Poderi dal Nespoli (pop. 30) is fully qualified. 
    Since 1929, two families, the Ravaiolis and the Martinis, have created magic in the hills of Romagna, just south of Tuscany. 
    Affordable wines, because beautiful Emilia-Romagna, is under the radar, even though its historic centre, Bologna, is Italy’s food capital. Even though Romagna is home to Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ducati, Parma ham, Parmesan cheese and fabulous balsamic vinegar from Modena. 
    You sense a wine bargain here, close to the Adriatic? One reason, says brand ambassador Dani Facciani, is a huge investment in 2010 in a fabulous new winery and a welcome mat extended to wine-loving visitors. 
    Perhaps your choice will be Colibri $14.95, a smooth, elegant fizz from 100% Chardonnay (think Prosecco without harshness). Nespolino Bianco $13.95, a Trebbiano/Chardonnay blend, great with Indian food! Pagadebit white, $17.95, dialect for “pay the debt” which winegrowers count on from this sturdy floral-citrus fresh vino, great with fish, seafood, salad, or chicken. Dogheria is Pinot Bianco, from young vines, $18.95, with a rich floral nose, minerality, saltiness from the soil, once covered by the ancient oceans, and close to the sea. More elegant than Pagadebit, it shows oyster minerality that calls for tartare, sushi, ceviche and clams. 
    In Italy 1% of wine consumption is pink. However, the export market is asking for it. Hence, Filarino,100% Sangiovese with a mere 3-4 hours of grape contact with the juice for color. It offers pomegranate and cherry notes, fresh, easy drinking, in a great package showing a penny farthing. Check out the embossed sock! 
    In Sangiovese, there’s a blend, Nespolino Rosso 70/30 with Merlot, all dark chocolate and soft tannins, fruity with a touch of oak and vanilla. Perfect for pizza, pasta, anything tomato sauce, a steal at $13. 
     The flagship Sangioveses are Prugneto, six months in barriques, all cherry, plum and supple tannins, with good acidity for food, especially Bolognese sauce (ragu), anything pork, butter, olive oil, fresh pasta, rich stews and grills, and Il Nespoli Superiore Riserva 2013, a selection from several vineyards, two years in barrique and one in American oak. Deep, mature flavors of leather, tobacco, blackberry, raisin, fine tannins with great complexity and aging potential, $24.95! Serious and elegant.
    If you ask for a drink in Emilia you get a glass of water. In Romagna, they give you Sangiovese. To buy any of these wines, contact Bella Mitchell at Select Wines, 416 367 5600 x 13.

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